Saab 99T part 2 – disassembly continued, headlight bezel repair

I have been continuing with the disassembly of the 1978 99 Turbo. It’s coming along well – no big problems so far. The rust situation is pretty much as I already suspected. There’s a lot to weld. Thankfully I have pretty much rust free doors, bonnet and hatch awaiting.

One thing we try to be extra careful about are all the window glass. If any of them breaks it’s going to be pretty tough finding a replacement. The Turbo has blue-tinted glass not commonly used on other 99s. Also the windshield has a darkened section on the upper edge. These are just not available.

So far I have found out that I’m missing at least a few essential components. I will need to find the correct throttlebody and intake manifold for 78 Turbo as well as the headlight wiper motors and mechanism. Other than that there are some smaller details that need looking into.

I think we will be able to lift the engine during the weekend. Then it’s just the matter of removing the suspension and putting the car in a rotisserie.

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